Decoding Catwalk Jargon: A Guide to Fashion Modeling Lingo

Walking the catwalk can be an intimidating experience, especially‍ for those new to the world of fashion modeling.‍ There’s a ⁣whole language of jargon and terminology ‍that can be confusing for beginners. But fear not, ‍we’re here to decode some of the most commonly used terms in the fashion modeling industry. So let’s ​dive in and demystify the world of catwalk jargon!


The runway is the narrow platform that models walk along to showcase the designer’s clothing. It’s the focal‍ point of a fashion show and⁢ can vary in ⁣length and shape depending on the venue.


The catwalk refers to the actual act of walking down the runway. Models are⁢ trained to walk confidently and gracefully, showcasing the designer’s collection to its full potential.


A casting is a meeting where designers ⁤and ​casting directors select models for their upcoming shows or campaigns. Models are often required to⁣ attend castings to be considered for a job.


A go-see is similar to a casting, but it’s typically more informal. Models are invited⁣ to meet⁣ with designers or clients to show their portfolio and potentially‍ be considered for future work.


A lookbook is a collection of images showcasing a designer’s latest collection. Models are often hired to pose for ⁣lookbook photos, which are used for promotional purposes.


An editorial is a fashion spread featured in magazines or online publications. Models are often hired to pose for editorial shoots, which can help⁢ them ⁢gain ⁢exposure in ​the industry.

Haute Couture

Haute couture refers to high-end, custom-made fashion designs. Models who ‍walk in haute couture shows⁢ are typically experienced and have a very specific look that fits the designer’s aesthetic.


When a model is off-duty, they are⁤ not working and are typically seen in more casual, ⁤everyday attire. Off-duty ‍models are often spotted at‌ fashion events or running errands⁤ in between ‌jobs.

Fit Model

A fit model is someone who is hired to try on sample garments to ensure they fit correctly before they go into production. Fit models need to have precise measurements that match the designer’s requirements.

Go Naked

Going naked in the modeling world doesn’t mean⁣ literally stripping down. It refers to walking the ‌runway without any makeup on, allowing designers to see the model’s natural features and determine ‍how their clothes look‌ on a blank canvas.

Power Pose

A power pose is a strong and confident stance that models use to command attention on the runway. It’s ‍all about exuding confidence and owning the space you’re walking in.


Coined by supermodel Tyra Banks, “smize” is a term that refers to ​smiling with your eyes. Models are often encouraged to smize during photo shoots to convey emotion and connect with the camera.


A booker is someone who works for⁣ a modeling agency and⁤ is responsible for booking jobs for models. They act as a middleman between clients and models, negotiating contracts and ensuring models get paid for their work.


A portfolio is​ a collection of a model’s best photos and work. Models use their portfolios​ to ⁣showcase⁣ their range and versatility to potential⁤ clients and agencies.


A freelancer is a model who is not signed to a specific agency‍ and​ instead works ⁢independently. Freelancers need to hustle to find their own jobs and manage their own⁣ career without the support ‍of an agency.


Couture refers to high-end, handmade fashion designs created by luxury fashion houses.⁣ Couture pieces are ​typically one-of-a-kind and tailored specifically to the client’s measurements.


A walk-off is a playful competition ​between models to see who can ‍walk the runway with the most confidence ​and attitude. Walk-offs are a fun way for models to showcase their personalities and‌ connect with ‍the audience.

Fit and Flare

Fit and flare is a style of clothing that is fitted at the ⁢waist and flares out at the hips. This silhouette is flattering on many body types and is ⁤often⁣ seen in dresses and ​skirts.

Now that you’re armed ⁢with a better understanding of fashion modeling jargon, you can confidently navigate the world of catwalks, castings, and editorials. Remember, practice makes perfect, so keep honing your skills and⁤ working on your craft to become the best model you can be!

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